WP2: Innovative construction processes to improve logistics, co-operation, and productivity

Objectives: The aim of WP2 is to develop a road map towards efficient and effective renovation processes, centred around organizational principles of increased collaboration and user involvement combined with focus on value increasing and waste reduction methodologies. Renovation processes is more complex than in new build due to close user interaction and uncertainty about the building to be renovated. Moreover, an efficient energy renovation process has focus on reducing embedded energy in all aspects.

Description of work: Construction processes in renovation projects have lately gained increased focus. It has become evident that the construction process holds a major potential for efficient and sustainable construction. This WP follows the tread of a recent Danish industry report outlining multiple recommendation. WP2 will deliver guidelines direct transferable and usable to the construction industry. Also WP2 will deliver input to WP1 and act as mean of assessing and validating the value-adding model.

Task 2.1: Sustainable Renovation Processes.

A traditional energy renovation can cut operational energy consumption by half or more, but the construction process entails a large amount of embedded energy that neither research nor practice yet has exploited. This task will purposeful identify, quantify, and demonstrate how energy, CO2, and other emissions can be reduced in renovation processes. Based on LCA assessment frameworks the main approach is explorative case studies including triangular methodology. This task will also investigate the relationship between, planning, collaboration, risk and sustainable processes. One PhD affiliated wit AU will work on this task.

Task 2.2: Lean and Site Logistics – High Productivity in Renovation.

A Danish Task Force clearly states that implementing Lean and Logistic in renovation projects is needed to increase productivity as well as effectiveness. Site foremen, workers, and sub-contractors possess an inexhaustible knowledge of innovative ideas and knowledge that is put into play by lean principles. Through E&P’s large experience in Lean Construction methods this task will develop a Lean renovation framework, and demonstrate and evaluate its potential for improved logistics and productivity. One PhD affiliated with E&P, focusing on Lean Construction in renovation by means of waste reduction. This PhD is closely linked to T3.4.